Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sometimes I want to be mean...

This evening I rushed home from helping get our new building clean for our business to mow the grass before dark. I pulled up beside the curb across the street from my house beause I dont want sticks and rocks hitting my car when I mow. It is what all of my neighbors do. Well as I pulled up my fairly new neighbor was pulling up in her friend's car. They rolled down their window and asked me to pull my car up farther down the street away from their house. First off they do not own the street , it is public parking. I said a few words under my breath. They then pulled up in the driveway not the street. She got out of her friend's car and got in her own car and drove away..... So what was her problem with where I was parked. She was not parking there. I was not blocking her driveway and she does not own the road. Get even more technical she does not own the house either. I was more than peeved. We have never had any problems with any of our neighbors until now. Woo I was mad! I showed my gentle spirit and did not say anything but let me tell you my thoughts were saying a lot.

To make matters worse, the lawnmower would not start. The brand new mower bought June of last year. You know the electric start that should always start will not start.

So now nasty neighbor, you can look at our ugly grass for at least another week until the mower is fixed. The grass is bad now and it will only get worse. So my vengeance to you is the view you get to look at everyday. I may just park my car there tomorrow out of spite too and nothing you can do.You dont own the street and if you call the cops, first they will ask you how long it has been there, if it hasn't been more than 48 hours they wont even come out. Even if they do when they trace the plates it will be traced to the address right across from you so you will look mighty dumb. Once again it is a public parking street and legally parked. You are the only neighbor who has ever acted this way, you HUMBUG!

I love having a blog to vent about things .

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The Brown Recluse said...

So next time, just politely refuse to move your car....and then forget about it. Too much energy spent getting mad about it. Now the lawn mower...that'll make you want to cuss, eh? lol