Monday, January 14, 2019

Why do I teach?

Why do I teach? I was asked that today. I explained to her it is for the students that need me.

Two years ago, this one student hated me. I mean hated me. He would make under the breath comments every day about me, my teaching, or my body image. Sometimes I called him out, sometimes I ignored him. This was all year.

Fast forward two years, I have him again as a senior. He speaks to me daily in the hall, we talk about standardized tests, all his classes and his weaknesses. I co-teach with a great guy that the students love. He is the good cop, I am the bad cop. I take a small group of students to work in a separate environment but his group stays with my male co-teacher. Thirty minutes later, this student is in my class in front of me, ME, asking for help. I was shocked but talked him through the situation.

I discussed this with my co-teacher after class. He told me that this student stood up and looked at him and said, "I am going to Ms. S for help". He didn't want his help but mine....That is why I teach....when the students realize what they need and seek you out despite their past feelings and outwardly dislike of you as an individual.

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betty said...

I think it takes a special person to be a great teacher! I think you are that type of person!