Friday, October 14, 2016


There is not an update on the last prayer request yet.My mom called her but she could not talk right then and she did not call my mom back like she said she would.

New prayer request....

I work with some students that have real problems. Our lives were easy peasy when you hear what they have faced.....

This student that needs prayer...we will say his name is...N....N is an orphan in all reality. He has lost both parents and is in foster care. I do not know all the details. I do know N is a mouthy mouth. N must have the  last word. Sometimes I fight N about the mouthiness and last word, sometimes I do not because the battle is huge. N was quiet yesterday....very unusual for N....extremely unusual for N.....I asked if N was ok, he said yes. I asked again later if he needed to talk , he said no. So, I prayed for N...right there in the classroom, I silently prayed for N.

Today I saw N and he was in a better mood. I told him I was glad to see him in a better mood. He told me that someone he is close to was diagnosed with cancer. I told him that I prayed for him. He paused. I asked if it was ok that I did that. He responded with " why wouldn't it be". Then gave me a big hug. N does go to a local church, I asked . N also told me that he was told those who have heavy trials down here will have big mansions in Heaven. I told him that Heaven can only happen if our hearts are right with God. (I can't go but so far in school unless asked.). He told me he knows Jesus and is active in a fairly well known local church.

I have days where I wonder why I am at this particular school.....N is why. As a friend told me this afternoon....that school is your mission field.

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