Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prayer Requests

This is wordy...I am sorry.

I was lucky enough to grow up down the street from one of my cousins. Unfortunately, it was from my grandfather's side which was not close . We did not have family get-togethers or know each other as family in the true sense. We knew each other as terrific friends that shared the same blood line.I did not know his grandfather because there were bad relations with his mom and grandfather.Like I typed previously, my grandfather was not close to his family.My cousin loved when he was able to go with me to my grandparent's house because he loved the history of his family. So he and I were blood line play buddies. There were a lot of years we were more like siblings and we acted like it. Well, life happened and we grew apart as friends but if we saw each other it was as if nothing separated us. He lost his 31 year old wife today to cancer. My heart breaks for him and their 3 children. They were together for 10 years. I met her a few times at our pool or around town. Just recently I had ran into her alone on 2 different occasions. She would talk to me as if she had know me forever. A beautiful woman on the inside and out. I have been told she was a believer.She is in Glory where there is no more cancer and no more pain. I feel sorry for those left behind. Her husband, 12 yr old , 4 yr old and 2 yr old kids . My heart bleeds for them. Please pray for them. He already experienced tragic  loss early in his life when his teenage older sister was tragically killed in an accident. He came to my brother's visitation . I said to him, if anyone knows how I feel , it is you. He replied, that I was wrong. He was only 10 and grieved as a 10 year old with memories of 10 years. He then went on to say that I had 40 years of memories and grief and it would be harder with that many memories. He would have loved to have had 40 years but at the same time that is more to grieve. That is one of the few things that I remember about that night and it stays with me forever. Nobody really knows your grief despite similar circumstances.

This cousin and friend was friended by 3 brothers at our pool we all belonged to. These  boys and their family helped my cousin get through his tough times of losing his sister. All of them have remained close for over 30 years.  Their mother was like a 2nd mother to him. She passed away also today.

That is two wonderful women within hours of each other. Heaven gained two lovely ladies. Please pray for both families involved.

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betty said...

How sad, Becky; will say a prayer for the families!