Sunday, November 23, 2014


  • Thanksgiving is this week. I am in a depression. I miss my Dad, my brother and the family we used to be. The "New Normal" stinks.
  • Some days I feel guilty because I feel ok knowing they are together with Jesus.
  • Some days I am just angry with everything.
  • Some days I have great days then someone says something and that is the end of the great day.
  • Today someone asked at church....are you placing a poinsettia in the church in memory of your Dad and brother. I stood there and looked at them like why....then it hits me again ,,,they are still seems so unreal.
  • One thing I have learned is to never question God just keep on believing and having faith....that is what I do because without faith and hope there is nothing. My God is too big and powerful for nothing. I have hope in being reunited with all my loved ones one the mean time....Keeping the Faith!


betty said...

hugs to you Becky; it is hard to grieve especially around the holidays.


The Brown Recluse said...

Those days that get ruined because of what someone says will get will the anger. Never feel guilty about being OK and having peace. Peace is God's gift you to.