Monday, November 4, 2013


Please pray for me... It is not serious but comical....We found a great deal on a new laptop today for my Dad.... Well Mom got jealous and wanted one too and they don't share nicely so we had to have 2. Sounds great......NOT FOR ME..... It is Windows Operating System 8 which I know nothing about and you can guess... They know nothing about either. . In the first hour, I decided to change my name, they called it so much. I went from one room to the other for hour. AHHHH!

School is out tomorrow , so I dont work. I am leaving the house and getting as far away from their questions that I can.

PLUS.... I didnt get a new laptop so I am jealous too. :)


betty said...

maybe a new laptop will be under the Christmas tree?? You are a trooper to help your technology challenged parents. Reminds me of hubby's mom who would always buy the latest gadget/computer and then not know what to do with it and call his brother who lived closer to come and help her.

good luck!


The Brown Recluse said...

Yeah, that ding dang Windows 8 is an oddity. I got my daughter a laptop for Christmas last year. :::confusion::: lol I think she finally figure it out. Also...I believe there's a setting that you can choose that makes the lap top look like the normal Windows way.